***edinburgh cheese***

@ George Mewes -second Thursday of the month tix from them.... 

edinburgh cheese

dates 2020:

12/3, 9/4, 14/5, 11/6, 9/7, exciting august smorgasbord? 10/9, 8/10, 12/11



An exploration of CHEESE through CAREFUL, CONSIDERED    TASTING and  me talking about :    

person! place! process! history! geography!

terroir! personal anecdote!  poetry!  the interplay

of everything and nothing! the relentless movement of time! etc etc


Glasgow Cheese DOUBLER!

SOUTHSIDE class 1st Thursday of the month at

Starter Culture 1052 Pollockshaws Rd, Shawlands ... 

BYO (corkage) // tix fifteen pounds on night but booking required!!


WESTEND class 4th Thursday of the month now at

BAR BRETT 123 Great Western Rd...

venue is fancy but WEE so tickets only through >>BPT <<

occasionally I do a popup CHEESEWINEBEER BAR with

booze from   VALHALLA'S GOAT,

serving up Natural/Raw/minimal intervention wine and beer - and nice cheese, bread and salami. No talking, no theatrics, JUST INTERESTING TASTY DRINKS AND THINGS TO EAT.   

returning in 


stay tuned!

confused? yes, me too. If you're on FB you can view upcoming things here :)